Sunday, February 22, 2009

District 2 meeting in Palatka

Top photo: ADK District and State Officers at Spring District 2 meeting held in Palatka, Florida, February 21, 2009. 

2nd photo: Beta Psi Past President Alice Malin and President Terry Woodlief sell tickets for ways and means fundraising project, a "Kitchen Basket" made with donations from Beta Psi sisters.

3rd photo: Beta Psi President, Terry Woodlief with District 2 President  Caroline Radamacher. 

4th photo: Woodlief with Mary Jane Thurston, House Mother of ADK Scholarship House in Tallahassee.  Beta Psi supports the house with gift cards and other donations along with other Florida ADK chapters. 

Sunday, November 2, 2008

ADK Members Create Empty Bowls

Our October meeting featured guest speaker, Tia Ford from Lutheran Social Services, the sponsor of the Empty Bowls Project. Sisters of Beta Psi created beautiful clay bowls to donate to the Empty Bowls Luncheon to benefit the Jacksonville Food Bank.  Each year the community comes together for this worthwhile fundraiser to benefit needy families in Jacksonville.  

Friday, October 10, 2008

October is Alpha Delta Kappa Month

October is ADK month!  Beta Psi will be promoting ADK by wearing our new lavender shirts embroidered with the ADK logo.  We have committed to wearing our shirts every month on "meeting day" to school and elsewhere to spread the good news about ADK.  

Empty Bowls Project:  One of Beta Psi's projects which is very near and dear to my heart is the Empty Bowls Project.  Our September meeting focused on this annual fundraiser sponsored by Lutheran Social Services to benefit the Jacksonville Food Bank.  Each member lovingly hand-crafted a bowl of white clay - some embellished them with stamps and tools, others blended the surface smoothly preparing for glazing at our next meeting. We, again will donate our bowls so they can be given to patrons at the Empty Bowls Luncheon in November. For the second year our chapter has been invited to participate in this worthwhile effort.  Tia Ford, who is the director of Lutheran Social Services, will be our guest speaker at our  October meeting speaking on the subject of this wonderful event.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September is in Full Swing!

Greetings Sisters!  Thanks to all who attended our first membership meeting of the new biennium.  It was an informal "meet and greet" giving us an opportunity to catch up with old friends and colleagues.  We did, however, accomplish quite a bit business.  
  • Each sister received a purple folder with valauable information in it such as a chapter roster, ADK International website and blog addresses as well as their passwords.  
  • We signed up to hostess monthly meetings as well as voted for a new 6 o'clock p.m. meeting time. We agreed that with an earlier meeting time we would ask the hostess to provide a more substantial selection of food and drink.  Our goal is that every sister contributes at least one meeting.
  • We took new ADK shirt orders. Our shirts will be lavender, V neck, 3/4 length sleeve knit shirt with the ADK insignia and Beta Psi embroidered on the front. Our plan is to promote our Chapter by wearing our shirts on the day of our membership meetings as well as any official outings such as public meetings and ADK training. The shirts will be available at our next meeting so please come prepared to pay for your shirt ($30.) at that time.
  • Annual dues ($50.) was collected by our wonderful bookkeeper, Marilyn. (A reminder that dues will be accepted at our September meeting.)
  • A brief presentation was made by our Membership Chairman, Eileen on the subject of requirements for prospective ADK members.
  • A collection was made of items for our "Ways and Means" project: "Celebrate a New Grandmother" basket and a "Kitchen" basket.  These will be raffled off this Saturday, Sept. 13th at the District 2 Officer training at West Nassau High School.
Our next meeting is September 23rd at Chaffee Trail Elementary at 11400 Sam Caruso Way off Chaffee Road between Normandy and Interstate 10. For the second year, we will be making clay "Empty Bowls" to donate to Lutheran Social Services for their annual Fundraiser supporting the Food Bank. ( FYI -the following meeting in October will also be at Chaffee Trail so we can glaze our own pottery and we will have a representative from Lutheran Social Services speak about the Empty Bowls Project)

I look forward to seeing you all at our September meeting.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Welcome Back ADK Beta Psi Sisters!

Another summer has come and gone! Here we are, again, ready to begin a new school year and a new biennium!

If you are viewing this blog you have taken part in our chapter's first step into the age of technology. Much of our school's communication has become paperless as have our monthly reminders of membership meetings. Each month I will use this forum as our chapter's monthly newsletter to keep our membership informed of dates, deadlines and other important matters. I will email you each time I post an entry and invite you to visit this site. Below each month's entry will be the word "comment". Please leave your comments and questions by clicking on the word. This blog is meant to be interactive as well as informative!

I look forward to seeing each of you at our kick off meeting to be held at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 26th at Ham's Restaurant at 4530 St. Johns Avenue. (Actually on the corner of Roosevelt Blvd. and St. Johns Ave.) Please bring your calendars and be prepared to sign up to host and/or act as hostesses for our monthly meetings. Also, I will hopefully have a mock up of a shirt monogrammed with our ADK insignia and will be taking orders.

Lastly, I'd like to invite you to visit ADK's official website and explore in detail what our sisterhood is all about. The link is: The username and password can be found inside your purple folder or I can email it to you.
I wish you a wonderful start to the new school year!